One time Fees

New Student Enrollment Fees

  • Registration Fee: KRW 500,000
  • Capital Fee: KRW 3,000,000

 Mandatory Annual Fees (In Addition to Tuition)

  • Curriculum and Development Fee: KRW 2,400,000


School Tuition

Grade Level Frequency Tuition
U.S. Dollars($)   Korean Won(₩)
Pre-Kindergarten Annual $ 5,000.00 PLUS 17,000,000
Elementary School (K-5) Annual $ 5,000.00 PLUS 19,000,000
Middle School (6-8) Annual $ 5,000.00 PLUS 20,600,000
High School (9-12) Annual $ 5,000.00 PLUS 21,600,000


Lunch & Transportation Fees

  Frequency Price
Monthly  X  Times   =    Total
Lunch Fee PreK – 12th Grades Annual ₩ 150,000  X  10  =  ₩  1,500,000
Transportation Fee Sacheon/ Jinju Annual ₩ 200,000  X  10  =  ₩  2,000,000
Geoje/Tongyeong Annual ₩ 300,000  X  10  =  ₩  3,000,000

*Transportation is only charged for the first attending student in each family.
Siblings do not incur an additional transportation charge.


IB Examination Fee (12th Grade Only)


IB Diploma Exam Fee KRW 1,800,000

Registration Fee

  • Non-refundable / One-time Fee: The Registration Fee is a fee for all students seeking enrollment.


Capital Fee


  • Non-refundable / One-time Fee: The Capital Fee (KRW 3,000,000) is a fee for all new students who have been admitted to our school. This fee helps cover the operations and maintenance of our facilities.


Curriculum and Development Fee


  • Non-refundable/ Annual Fee: The Curriculum and Development Fee is applied to all students who have been admitted to GIFS. It ensures that students have access to up-to-date materials, textbooks, technology, equipment, and experiences during the school day.This fee is applicable for all students.


LATE FEE – A late fee of 5% for the Korean won tuition fee will be assessed on any outstanding balance remaining after the close of business on the due date – this includes any outstanding tuition fees.