November 17, 2017 –

Wow – this was the chance of a lifetime! GIFS students went to Samcheonpo in Sacheon this morning to see the Olympic Torch! The Black Eagles Air Force Aerobatic Team flew over, and there were many traditional performances. Plus, we met the Mayor! It was so fun to celebrate Sacheon and Pyeongchang!


November 06, 2017 —

Our story is in the Newspapers!

Here is the translation :

Samcheopo Jungang Highschool and Gyeongnam International Foreign School Start an Intercultural Phone Conversation Program

“Socializing and Communicating in English”


Samcheonpo Jungang High School (Principal Jeong Sun Chul) and Gyeongnam International Foreign School (GIFS) (Principal Charles Campbell) have begun a “Phone Conversation Program” with their high school students.


The benefits of this program will be that the students from Jungang High School will be able to improve their English speaking skills, while the GIFS students will have an opportunity to broaden their understanding of Korean culture through this program. To start off, the students from the two schools exchanged contact numbers. They will start texting and calling each other soon.


Principal Jeong Sun Chul said, “We made an opportunity for the students of both schools to learn each other’s cultures and grow up as talented global citizens. I hope this program will be meaningful and enjoyable.”


They are also planning to attend each other’s school events and have friendly sports matches. This program was organized through the efforts of the GIFS IB CAS Coordinator Glen Monaghan.


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2. Gyeongnamdomin Ilbo (경남도민일보)

3. Gyeongnamdomin Sinmun (경남도민신문)

September 28, 2016 —

Our beach clean up was featured in the Gyeongnam News! It’s in Korean, but it says:

“Over 120 students and teachers from Gyeongnam International Foreign School (GIFS), representing over 25 nationalities and various ages (PreK-12), volunteered to pick up trash and litter on Namildae Beach and surrounding areas in Samcheonpo for the Gyeongnam community. The main items found were cigarette butts, bits of plastic, and pieces of fishing equipment, especially styrofoam, net weights, and wire. It was a good chance for the foreign students to show their concern and care for the Gyeongnam community and to learn the true value of volunteerism.”

See the article here!