Gyeongnam International Foreign School is an IB Primary Years Programme World school, having received authorisation in July 2021.
Our educational philosophy follows that of the IB PYP and we offer a comprehensive, inquiry-based approach to learning which provides our students with many opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in order to develop into internationally minded citizens. We as a faculty aim to empower children by developing their own agency as learners by helping them find their own voice with regard to their learning, having choice in the learning engagements provided and by nurturing a sense of ownership of their learning experiences.

We know that these formative years in a child’s life are a crucial time in their development, and we provide a safe, enjoyable, learning environment where learning is focused on a whole-child approach, developing their personal, social, emotional and academic skills. We encourage them to think about contributing to the school and local or global communities in order to make positive impacts on the world.

At GIFS we offer multi-aged classes which allow for interaction and collaborate with children of different ages. The younger children are able to learn from the older ones, look up to those children and model their behaviour. The older children have the opportunity to share their knowledge with younger peers and build their confidence and leadership skills. They are able to be role models for the younger students and show examples of the Learner Profile attributes in action. The multi-age classes also give opportunities for wider social development amongst our students and encourage children to communicate with a larger circle of peers.


At GIFS, students inquire into six transdisciplinary themes throughout the year. ‘Who We Are’, ‘How We Express Ourselves’, ‘How The World Works’, ‘How We Organise Ourselves’, Sharing The Planet’, and ‘Where We Are In Place And Time’. During our units of inquiry, authentic connections through conceptual understandings, learner profile attributes, approaches to learning and lines of inquiry are integrated through the subject disciplines whenever possible. We also run stand-alone units in the specialist subject areas, including Personal Social Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, Korean Language and Culture. Technology is integrated with our lessons and used for various purposes throughout our learning engagements.

Our Programme of Inquiry is based around the following curriculums:

We pride ourselves on providing quality education to students and connect our curriculum to real world events and situations. In order to enhance student learning, we also participate in field trips, invite guest speakers from the community and work with members of the local community to help make positive impacts on our natural and man-made environment.

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