School Fee file
GIFS Bus Ridership Contract:

Riding on the GIFS bus is a service provided to GIFS students and families in order to facilitate their education.  Students and families must understand that proper behavior on the bus is required in order to retain the privilege to use the service.   Safety is our most important concern.

Parents and students  – please read and discuss the following rules together.  Students and parents must sign this contract to prove their understanding and agreement to these terms.

The following rules apply to all students riding the GIFS school bus to and from school.

  1. Wear seat belt at all times
  2. Sit in assigned seat
  3. Use respectful language (no foul language allowed)
  4. No shouting (talk to the people adjacent to you)
  5. No throwing food, drinks, or objects around the bus
  6. Keep hands and feet to yourself – absolutely no hitting or fighting
  7. No affectionate touch allowed


Any incident when a student does not follow the above rules will have consequences.

Consequences:1st transgression:  1st Verbal warning (students have already been given a warning in their classrooms with teachers or advisors.)  Parents will be notified.

2nd transgression:  2nd Verbal warning or one day suspension depending on the severity of the offence.  Parents will be notified.

3rd transgression:  Student may be suspended from the bus from one to five days depending on the severity of the offense.

4th transgression: Long term loss of bus privileges which may include permanent loss of bus riding privileges.

School Fee file