School History

GIFS opened its doors in 2004 with sixteen students and now welcomes an average of one hundred students per year. It was first accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in the year 2007 and continues as a fully accredited international school. The school is located in Sacheon city in Gyeongsangnam-do province, a coastal area on the south central tip of South Korea.

GIFS enrollment has historically been dependent on the number and type of businesses and projects in the Sacheon, Jinju, and Geoje areas. We also welcome students from our local Korean community as we serve students and families who have traveled abroad and have English speaking children. We are anticipating and planning for growth.

GIFS is a truly international school made up of students and staff from around the globe. At any given time, it is normal for us to serve as many as twenty-five nationalities among our student population. The GIFS faculty and support staff is also a diverse one made up of many nationalities, ages, genders, and religious affiliations. Currently, the administrative and teaching faculty includes American, Canadian, Filipino, South African, British, Turkish, Indian and Korean staff. The custodial and support staff is Korean.

One of our greatest achievements is our authorization as an IB World School. This is a prestigious internationally recognized education program that expects much from the students and teachers involved in it. We look forward to many more years of outstanding individual and collective achievement by our students, families, and staff.