The excitement is mounting as next week’s GIFS Spirit Week approaches! From Monday the 2nd of September to Friday the 6th September we celebrate Spirit Week here at GIFS.

 House Spirit Monday: wear your House Shirt, and add some spirit sparkle 

Tiger Tuesday: grrrrrr…. show us your wild side!

 Wacky Wednesday: a weird and wonderful day!

 Double Trouble Twin Thursdays: find a buddy and double up!

 PJ Friday: zzzzz…… pajama party!

 The purpose of spirit week is to get the kids enthused and supportive of their community at GIFS. The week also serves to get students involved, working cooperatively, and united on a common goal of promoting the school! GIFS always holds a spirit week in the lead up to Fall Festival. Don’t miss out!

 Special prizes for best dressed! Go crazy! Be creative!